Jeff Miller

  • Empowers clients to incorporate principles learned during training into their daily lives.
  • Helps people of all ages and skill levels achieve and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Encourages and motivates clients to reach new levels of athletic ability.
  • Assists with the full return to previous daily activities in a real-world setting after treatment.
  • Assists to achieve the greatest level of post-therapy independence possible after injury, illness, surgery, and chronic conditions.
  • A host of the television show Fitness Time.
  • Has had an interest in sports and fitness since the age of 13.
  • Lost 100 lbs. and maintains a healthy weight of 175 lbs.

What does Jeff expect of his clients?

  • Some level of motivation.
  • Mutual respect.
  • That you have selected him because you believe he has a credible philosophy.
  • Good communication: call ahead to cancel the appointment.
  • Discuss any injuries, pain, or other related health concerns.
  • Notification of changes in medication or supplements.
  • Wear cushioned footwear /sneakers.

What do Jeff’s clients experience?

  • Focus and professionalism.
  • Successful training sessions with attention to individual needs.
  • Improved performance in sports-related activities.
  • Improved daily movement such as balance, walking, lifting, kneeling, etc.
  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Increased energy and vitality.
  • Reduced risk of injury and reduced pain.
  • Fun exercise!

In addition to golf fitness certification, Jeff Miller holds the following fitness related Certifications:

  • IFPA – Personal Fitness Trainer.
  • IFPA – Sports Nutrition Specialist.
  • AFG – Personal Trainer.
  • AIFE – Exercise for Older Adults.
  • SFA / ASFA – Senior Fitness Instructor.
  • SNH – Vitalist.

Here’s what some of Jeff’s clients have to say…



Function Golf

March 8, 2013. Since working with Jeff, I feel better and stronger. My rotation has improved, which is helping my driving and life movements. Jeff helps me keep my independence.

Lee B.

Loudonville, NY

Function Golf

Dear Jeff, Many thanks for 3 years of healing. You and I have both grown to appreciate the positive relationship together. I know much better what I need to do to maximize my potential for a healthy life after 60. I feel you have become increasingly informed in your practice and able to share wonderfully with your clients the energy you have. I have every confidence your business will grow in positive ways, a natural response to your enormous talent. On a personal note, I shall miss you, the kindness and gentle encouragement you led me through over time. Your gifts permanently improve my life.

Barbara W

Albany NY (moved to New Jersey, Jan 2007)

Couples, groups

Function Golf

April 16, 2013. I am a 44 year old female who has been a weekly client of Jeff’s for the past four years, as has my husband for five years. We are consistently impressed with Jeff’s dedication to not only his client’s goals but also his own continuing education, a benefit for him and most certainly his clients. Best of all no training session is the same. He uses different equipment and provides information on the latest training methods used by different pros, all of which keep the sessions fun for mind and body. I have seen my own core strength, flexibility and endurance improve markedly with Jeff. He is an extremely dedicated personal trainer who goes above and beyond for his clients.

Lise H.

Loudonville, NY

Function Golf

The whole hour is a valuable experience. John likes being able to exercise without the use of machines.

John & Susan J.

Valatie, NY

sport specific athletes

Function Golf

April 3, 2013. I look forward to my workout. Jeff has a good knowledge on how the body works and moves. Since working with Jeff, my snowboarding has improved allowing me keep up with people thirty years younger than me.

Janet C.

Albany, NY

Function Golf

those recovering from injury, illness, or surgery

Those coping with functional limitations, chronic conditions

Function Golf

Working with Jeff has helped me get a seeing-eye dog. I failed the test 3 times and was ready to give up. After working with Jeff on balance, strength, flexibility, speed, control, and confidence, I was in shape I needed to be. I passed and got my seeing-eye dog.

Caroline F

Albany, NY

Function Golf

Fellow professionals in related fields

Lifestyle change, personal fitness training